Upper Midwest Indian Council On
Addictive Disorders

UMICAD Certification Board has three levels of counselor certificates, Alcohol and Drug Counselor I, II, III.

  • The ADC I requires:
    • Passing score on a written test (UMICAD Level I)
    • 300 hours of supervised experience practicing the six (6) Performance Domains
    • 150 hours specialized training
    • Education including 6 hours counselor specific ethics.
  • The ADC II requires:
    • A written test (IC&RC ADC Examination)
    • 6,000 hours (the equivalent of three years experience within five years prior to application) of experience performing the domains or 12 core functions,
    • 270 hours of specialized training and education specific to the domains or 12 core functions,
    • Including 6 hours of counselor specific ethics.
  • The ADC III candidate requires:
    • Must have completed all the ADC II requirements
    • An additional 4,000 hours of professional experience.

Counselors who qualify may apply for ADC III without first becoming ADC II.

The IC&RC has a residency rule called “the 51% rule” on where a person can apply to take the ADC Written Exam and/or certification.

To be certified and/or TO TAKE THE IC&RC ADC Written EXAM the applicant must live or work at least 51% of the time in the certification board jurisdiction (state, tribe, foreign country, providence etc.). The exception to this rule is when an individual lives or works in a jurisdiction that does not offer the IC&RC’s exam in the jurisdiction of the individual or by agreement between certification boards. Certification boards should test individuals outside of their jurisdiction only when the individual is within the certification board’s general geographic region AND once the certification board has verified with the IC&RC that the IC&RC’s exam is not available in the individual’s jurisdiction.